I Just Had To Share

I had to share an experience that I had years ago. I applied to work in a position that mainly focused on science and math. The manager said that my credentials were very impressive. I’ve been an educator and worked in various positions within the field of Education. The manager mentioned several times that he was […]

The Class Reunion

Wondering who is planning to attend Finding out what the weekend itinerary will be Taking time from work to travel to the class reunion Thoughts of the last reunion come to mind Who was there What was going on in each person’s life at that time And the years have passed so quickly… Now it’s time […]


Last night, I took some time to read through some of the poems that I’ve written. I have always loved writing!!! I’m inspired to write for so many reasons… I try to include dates on the poems… I usually publish my older poems. That gives me a chance to look at my writing from a […]


There are times where you want to find fairness. A negative experience occurs and there is a desire for fairness to balance things out. But fairness does not come in- it does not pay a visit. We know that fairness will not happen and that is just to be accepted. But sometimes, that does not […]


Sometimes the greater lesson comes long after the experience passes Sometimes your thoughts allow you to see even better than your glasses Sometimes there are places you really want to leave Other times you wish you could travel right back there at lightning speed Sometimes some things fall apart for better things to come together If […]

Make Things The Way They Were

Is there a time machine or a how-to book or a magazine or a recipe to cook or an article to read or somewhere else to look to make things the way they were? Are there some words to say or a song to sing? Is there a certain day during a month of spring or great idea […]

Familiar Places

Familiar places that warm our hearts They stay with us and never leave They do not seem to get old These are the places that hold many memories